The 6 Main Acne Types: An Acne Survival Guide | Why, Acne? (Part II) 


NOTE: If you haven’t read Part I of our Why, Acne? Series, we highly recommend you read Part I first before you continue this article! Because Part I talks about how and why acne develops, the different skin types and how to accommodate the more acne-prone skin types – especially with Beaute Blossom’s products!

Acne Vulgaris

Let that name sit for a bit.

On the less worrying part of the acne spectrum, a breakout can simply be unpleasant to look at and tempting to pop (non-inflammatory).

Or it can be on the worst end of the spectrum: a bulging, rash-like, burning mess, the volcanoes staring back at us with red and pus-filled eyes in the mirror, throbbing at the slightest touch (inflammatory).

(Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels. March 10, 2020)

Okay, acne-related fear-mongering aside, let’s get real.

Does Acne Vulgaris sound scary and unpredictable? Yes! Breakouts can be the absolute worst. Sure, they prevent us from looking like TikTok influencers (if that’s what we’re going for). But overall, acne can ruin our self-esteem, making us feel less than beautiful.

Acne Survival Guide

(Klaus Nielsen/Pexels. Nov. 30, 2020)

But because you are beautiful and therefore, deserve better, isn’t it awesome that you’re here, reading this article, ready to learn more about acne, so you’d know what to look out for and how to put your pimple where the whitehead don’t shine?

Behold, our Beaute Blossom Acne Survival Guide!

Beaute Blossom Acne Survival Guide

(Ric Rodrigues/Pexels)

Alas, Acne Vulgaris comes in many forms – aka a rabbit hole too massive to fit into one blog post. Just like the number of skin types back in Part I of our Why, Acne? series, there is a lot of debate on how many acne types there actually are, what acne types fall under which main category of acne, etc.

Thankfully, we’ve managed to get 6 main acne types, and we believe this is more than enough to get you started on your acne-fighting journey!

So, read on, skincare warriors!

Non-Inflammatory (Comedonal) Acne

Non-inflammatory acne is very common, surface-level acne. Nothing that a beauty product for the right skin type can’t fix! Just try not to pop them!


Have you ever had those tiny zits with the white tips at the end? Those are called whiteheads. A very common acne type, they get their white hue due to debris (dead skin cells, excess oil, etc.) clogging the entire pore, all the way to its very top.


(Beaute Blossom, LLC)

Some of us might prick a whitehead at the tip to get rid of the white part. Please don’t do this – no matter how tempting it is – because it can lead to scarring!


Blackheads are very similar to whiteheads, but they have black tips instead of white. Because here, the debris only clogs part of the pore, leaving the tip completely exposed, leaving a black dot at the end of it.

(Beaute Blossom, LLC)

Just as you should do with the whitehead, refrain from trying to pop or squeeze a blackhead if you don’t want scarring.

Inflammatory Acne

Acne that hurts and burns. Bad.

Inflammatory acne can show up in legions and are typically large and hard, forming under the skin (unlike non-inflammatory acne, their surface-level counterpart). Not the kind of acne you want to pop.


Pustules are the inflamed version of whiteheads, containing white or yellowish buildup at the tips but surrounded by redness at the bottom of the pore.


(Beaute Blossom, LLC)


Remember when our parents told us not to pick at or scratch our scabs? Think of acne bumps the same way. Because if you try to pop them, they could become papules.


(Beaute Blossom, LLC)

Papules are small red bumps that form when non-inflammatory acne bursts open, leaving open wounds for bacteria to enter (along with dead skin cells or excess sebum) – which is why it’s important not to pop pimples of any kind!


The Mayo Clinic says that cystic acne – large, hard, boil-like bumps – is the worst type of acne. This occurs when debris buildup gets even deeper into the skin. Cysts are big. And painful. And filled with pus. AKA not the acne you want to pop.


(Beaute Blossom, LLC)

Together with nodules (mentioned below), cysts fall under nodulocystic acne.


Think papules but larger. And harder. And more painful. Like papules, they don’t have pus, but they can also form in clusters.

(Beaute Blossom, LLC)

Our Anti-Acne Beaute Products!

So, yeah. Acne Vulgaris isn’t fun. However! The only way to beat this unpredictable monster is to cleanse your face regularly, pick products that best accommodate your skin type and practice proper skincare early if you can.

Okay, now that you know the 6 main acne types in our Beaute Blossom Acne Survival Guide, let’s get down to our anti-acne products!

Exfoliating Facial Scrub (Jojoba Bead Facial Scrub Cleanser)

(Exfoliating Facial Scrub. Beaute Blossom, LLC)

Jojoba beads are one of the skincare warrior’s greatest weapons. With this anti-inflammatory Jojoba Bead Facial Scrub, you can kiss those dead skin cells goodbye without losing your skin’s natural moisture!

This scrub also contains glycerin and niacinamide, which are also effective against acne!

Niacinamide Facial Serum

(Niacinamide Facial Serum. Beaute Blossom, LLC)

This is something you definitely want in your skincare arsenal, especially if environmental factors (such as humidity) are the main culprit behind your acne.

With its anti-inflammatory and hydration properties, everyday use of this facial serum for several weeks can make a massive difference on your skin. Our site also recommends implementing our acne moisturizer. Speaking of…

Unscented Acne Moisturizer (Fast Absorbing Non-Greasy Face Moisturizer)


(Unscented Acne Moisturizer. Beaute Blossom, LLC)

Do you like rosehip oil? We definitely do! And you’ll find it in our acne moisturizer’s ingredient list!

Like we said above, we highly recommend using this right after you apply our niacinamide facial serum. Several weeks of this combination, and your skin will be softer and clearer than a bath bead! Even better, this moisturizer is perfect for all skin types!

Oil-Free Vitamin C (Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum for men)

(Oil-Free Vitamin C. Beaute Blossom, LLC)

Men get acne, too, unfortunately. But don’t worry, boys, we’ll make sure you’re ready to fight alongside us girls!

Our dark spot-eliminating Vitamin C serum for men also contains – you guessed it – niacinamide! And it carries other natural ingredients such as lavender (our beloved self-care flower) and camellia sinesis leaf extract.

You can also fight fine lines and wrinkles while you wait for this serum to clear your acne. You’re welcome, boys!

Vitamin C Brightening Serum (Anti-Aging Serum for women)

Vitamin C Brightening Serum. Beaute Blossom, LLC

(Vitamin C Brightening Serum. Beaute Blossom, LLC)

There are a few plant-based oils in here that our ladies (especially our vegan ladies) might like in this Vitamin C serum for women! Raspberry seed oil? Check. Jojoba seed oil? Check. Carrot oil? What do you think?

You’ll love this serum even more once we tell you about its UV protection and anti-aging properties! Oh, wait. We already did!

Facial Skincare Set (Beaute Blossom Skincare Bundle)

(Facial Skincare Set. Beaute Blossom, LLC)

(Facial Skincare Set. Beaute Blossom, LLC)

Skincare brothers and sisters, we bestow upon you our Beaute Blossom Facial Skincare Set. It contains the same Jojoba bead scrub, oil-free Vitamin C and niacinamide serum we mentioned earlier, but with two versions of our acne moisturizer: Day and Night.

There are five different products in here, so proper anti-acne skincare with this set requires time and dedication. But trust us when we say, daily use of this bundle will make your skin fall into your arms and call you its hero once its acne disappears!


The numbers show that maintaining an acne-free lifestyle isn’t that simple. With 50 million American acne cases popping up every year, and the skincare industry expecting to reach a net worth of $273.3 billion in 2031, acne is a common, nationwide epidemic.

So, don’t you think that physically flawless TikTok influencer you’re following maybe…oh, we don’t know…edited out a blemish or two? Just some food for thought (not that you heard it from us, anyway)!

What are your thoughts on our Beaute Blossom Survival Guide? Do you have any ideas on how we can make our Guide even more powerful? Let us know in the comments below!

Beaute Blossom provides clean beauty products with natural ingredients for diverse skin tones and skin types. For more information about our products, including deals and product ingredient lists, check out our website here.

DISCLAIMER: Our content is NOT a substitute for medical advice. Before you decide what skin-care products are right for you, consult with a medical professional.

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